Our NYE football game ended on a play called Mustard. I’ll let you guess how that went.

NYE Beach

Bear Necessity

Oakland University (it's in Michigan, not California) almost pulled off a huge upset against my top-ranked Michigan State men's basketball team last night, and by the end of it, I was honestly pulling for the underdog Golden Grizzlies. Although … [Continue reading]

I was outside watching the “Supermoon” tonight, and the sprinklers went off.

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* and Reward


I used to work around the corner from a small arcade. Maybe 10 machines, nothing fancy. One of the jewels was a Flintstones pinball game. I remember going to Traverse City once as a kid and there being a pinball machine in the game room of our … [Continue reading]

Scenes from Michigan: Spring 2015

Mother Goose

(Click to enlarge) Taken with my LG G3   … [Continue reading]

Stylin’ & profilin’

I got to interview two more Detroit Young Professionals members for their newsletter, including one who was a recent reality TV contestant. Check it out! … [Continue reading]

Code Yellow


We pull in the driveway after lunch, and my sister panics. She forgot to disarm the motion sensors of my parents' security system, a must when leaving the dog home so he doesn't trip the alarm. She leaps out of the still running car and bursts in … [Continue reading]


"The creative act isn't some magical inspiration that arrives in the form of a lightning bolt. Rather, it typically is a series of experiments and techniques, trials and errors, through which inventors, artists, and musicians crack the code. Even the … [Continue reading]

I’ll write your name

I have enjoyed getting involved with Detroit Young Professionals, which has introduced me to a lot of great people around the area. I got to interview two of them for the group's newsletter this month, and among the interesting quotes was this one by … [Continue reading]


I'm the last patron in this cafe, silently cursing myself after a misclick just erased an hour of work. The owner, Jordi, is asking me if it's my first visit, which it is. He is from Barcelona, moved here for his wife, and they decided to open a … [Continue reading]